Prix : 10 899 $


  • Condition: Véhicule neuf
  • Manufacturier : Honda
  • Modèle : CBR650R
  • Version : - IN STOCK NOW
  • Année : 2022
  • # inventaire : INS00013
  • Type : Sport


Notes :

Nothing defines a motorcycle like its engine, and that’s never been as apparent as with a Honda CBR650R. What makes it so special? It’s a transverse inline four, a design pioneered by Honda in the motorcycling world. Fours like this are smooth, well balanced, and most of all responsive—in other words, they’re a spectacular choice for a sportbike like the CBR650R. And this bike’s overall size hits a huge sweet spot as well: light, maneuverable, and a joy to ride, it’s like a shot of espresso for the enthusiast’s soul. Last year we gave it a big suspension upgrade with 41mm Showa® SFF-BP “Big Piston” front suspension that made the great bike better than ever. Fours aren’t as common today as they once were, but that’s okay. Because the CBR650R is a bike for those who appreciate riding a little more than most, too.


Garantie moto Honda

Garantie moto Honda

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